Four Seasons is our latest collection, inspired by the changing colours of the four seasons and the distinct character of each one.


The first colour line consists of soft pastels that characterise the arrival of spring, when everything around is awakening to life. These are shades of blossoming pink flowers and fragrant lilacs. Then there are the intense colours of summer, when the trees are green, the plants have bloomed and the crops are ripening. This is also the time when sunsets are at their most beautiful and time is best spent on sandy beaches. The next colour line is autumn, a time when the leaves become colourful and create a contrast with the cloudy sky. The last line is the cool shades of blue and white found on winter days and long nights. Everything is sprinkled with powder snow and covered with frost, creating unusual patterns. The frosty landscape is emphasised by cold blues and deep navy blues. The whole creates an amazing atmosphere.

Nature was also an inspiration for the fabrics in the collection. We can find very expressive Nebbia, which translated from English means fog. It is a weave of chenille yarn, boucle and slightly twisted yarn. Luna is a chenille fabric containing a subtly shiny yarn. In Latin this name means the moon. Bloom, which means bloom in English, is a pleasant and soft fabric created from chenille and boucle yarns. The lightness is added by small interlacings. Tulia - a chenille fabric which is distinguished by its two-coloured yarn. Their colours contrast with each other, emphasizing the structure and heterogeneous dyeing. The background for the patterned fabrics is Tierra, meaning earth in Spanish. It is a knitted velvet with a subtle iridescent effect.